When Frank was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer in 2011, no one could have told me that we’d be where we are today. Thankful…Thankful for all of you who have supported us. Those who gave your time, your service and your donations to make an over $50,000 donation to a cancer so little is heard about possible.

In a dimly lit emergency room, our privacy only being curtains, we stared at each other. The last thing we heard was, “We looked at the scan, and there’s an 85% chance it’s cancer.” My only response was, “Well, that leaves 15% doesn’t it.” No one ever expects to hear those words or wants to believe them. But, it happens every day. And, it’s terrifying, and sad and you feel like you want to throw up. You feel alone and overwhelmed and beyond helpless.

After a year of keeping it to ourselves, I couldn’t handle it anymore. It was only made worse by finding out that after surgery and months of treatment, it was back. How do you look at your husband, who’s fighting for his life and not have one answer or solution? I vowed to take care of him always until death do us part…I was certainly not ready for that part. How do you look at your baby, so innocent and unknowing? Or your mother-in-law, your husband’s mommy and have no comfort to give. Such responsibility was placed on me and yet I never knew it until something like this happened.

The Renal Race changed all of that. When I told our story, out loud for the first time, I was just as scared as the night in that emergency room. “How will people perceive this? Is Frank going to be upset when people start asking questions? Will anyone even read it?” But, there you all were, and continued to be. It wasn’t until then that Frank could really begin to grieve and really accept that this happened. But, moreover, The Renal Race became bigger than the cancer. We were helping other people when we didn’t even know how to help ourselves. And that is something unbelievable.

Planning the race last year was a whirlwind. And this year it’s even crazier! I can only hope we don’t disappoint anyone and make it as equally as successful!

When we rang in the New Year this year, Frank turned to me and said, “Erin, I broke the curse. For the first time we didn’t get bad news for New Year’s.” That’s a heavy burden to carry, but one that’s lightened because of your support.

The Renal Race allowed us to appreciate this whole year so much more. We had a blast at the beach. We took Jaxon to the park more. We had date nights. We played board games together. We went to dinner every Friday and Saturday together with friends and family. We planned more vacations. We lived….

So I hope you’ll join us again, Sunday March 12, 2017 for The Renal Race 6!!! We are Still Kicking Kidney Cancer! And we couldn’t have gotten here without you!